VIM tab autocomplete for .class files

 VIM tab autocomplete for .class files

Super frustrating to track this down on a new instance at AWS. The instance is using the Amazon Linux 2 AMI, and Google (or Chat GPT) didn't help find the settings file. I'm adding this blog post so that in the future, I can find it here!

This is the file location:

The line to edit (I just searched in vim for class):
_install_xspec '*.@(o|so|so.!(conf|*/*)|a|[rs]pm|gif|jp?(e)g|mp3|mp?(e)g|avi|asf|ogg|class)' vi vim gvim rvim view rview rgvim rgview gview emacs xemacs sxemacs kate kwrite

Obviously, I just need to remove "class" from that list. We no longer name files with .class, mostly because of this issue! All the legacy code, however, that we use for dealing with older systems does. 


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